Twisty dystopian sci fi!

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What a fun and twisty sci fi read!! I loved meeting Andra and following her journey waking up in this hellish dystopian world. Her struggles learning who to trust and how to adapt in this new world were done so well. Zhade is such a great character, he seems so genuine, yet also has so many secrets, I loved uncovering his story. The world the author built is so great, and I loved her use of language throughout. Particularly, the way she wrote the chapters, depending on whose voice we were getting at the time, she alternated the language we were reading in, it was very cool! The use of the different technology was so interesting. I loved that even the world Andra came from was set pretty far ahead of just our time and picking up the differences between our time, her time, and the time she has awoken too. The twists throughout are amazing and the last couple at the end there have me impatiently awaiting book 2!