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I'm going back through the older excerpts when I have the chance in order to review them for additional points. While I haven't downloaded all of the excerpts yet, I've hit a great many of them, and for ease and convenience, I'm adding reviews in mostly alphabetical order. That process means that I'm nowhere near the blurbs to give myself an idea of what I'm getting into by the time I actually sit down to read said excerpts. On the one hand, this means I'm going in with a fresh slate - no expectations or preconceived notions. On the other hand - that means that there's the strong potential to get blindsided.
Here's my thoughts on this one:
- It was immediately recognizable as YA which, for me, was a point against it. It's become an instant turn off for something to be in this genre simply because of how terrible it's become over the past several years. Through trial and error, YA published before 2010 has become virtually unreadable for me.
-It was engaging in spite of itself.
-It had a solid hook and a strong premise.
-There was clear tech and the sci fi elements were both realistic and proportionate to the story.
-There was a solid use of linguistic confusion as a means of showing character disparity.
-Finally, it was scientifically accurate.

All in all, while I probably wouldn't buy this one full price, if I saw it for sale in a used bookshop for under five bucks, I'd probably pick it up.