Not bad, but not as great as I had hoped for

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This review is coming far later than I had expected, but better late than never. I received a copy of this book around the time it was published and was super excited to start reading it. From what I had read on Bookish First, I was hooked by the writing, and the synopsis promised to be something far different than anything else I had read.

However, I put the book down around 100 pages in, swearing I would pick it back up a couple of days later and nine months later I just got around to finishing it.

What started out as a really promising book gave way to a muddled mess of a middle and an ending that felt old and expected.

While I loved Andra's character and her personality in the beginning when she is first interacting with Zhade and the new world around her, by the time the end of the book is reached she honestly felt a bit like a copy of Aurora from Aurora Rising.

If I am being perfectly honest, I do not know if I will go on to read the second book or not.