Loved this so much!

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Woooowwwwiiee. I did not expect these twists and turns, and I feel like I should have! I was shocked when the last of the book occurred. Andra's character was brilliantly written so that the twist was hidden, but seemed way too obvious looking back at it.
The language was brilliant, at first I had no idea what was being said and was very confused. But now I keep using some of the words in my head!
The look at human evolution was scary and amazing. A lot of sci-fi books keep the same language, but the author very effectively brought it into the book and kept the reader completely with it. I found the evolution of humans from top technical society to a society that believes in magic/goddesses/and sacrifices super interesting. Normally you only see books pushing further and further into the technological future of humanity, but this takes a completely different approach and I loved it.
Five brilliant stars.