It was meh

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I liked the feminism and the impowerment and the plot of it this is just an opinion because I am the most pickiest person in the world in the books so may just me but I didn't really get the languages and this book was kinda boring and I kept wanting to put it down but Inkept on telling myself and trying to push myself to finish it but in the first parts it was good and exciting and then the middle happened do I recommend this book only if you like science fiction and dystopian with feminism I am a feminist by the way but this wasn't my cup of tea my friend who likes this genre would rated this a four out of 5 she seemed to enjoy it a lot I didn't but it wasn't that bad and this is actually one of the best dystopian novels I have read (as I said again I do not like dystopian and sci fi novels) anyways I do recommend depending on the person and like I wouldn't read it again