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Goddess in the Machine is the story of Andra, a girl who was meant to depart from Earth on a spaceship and wake up 100 years later on a different planet, only to discover she woke up 1000 years later and not where she was supposed to be. The story also follows the perspective of Zhade, a boy on this planet 1000 years in the future who comes from a society that believes Andra is a goddess.

This book was a fast-paced read with some really strong writing. That being said, the language developed for the future society Andra awakes in was annoying to me, and I didn't feel as if it really added to the story or world-building. The middle of the book did seem to lose its way some, but by the end it is definitely asking big questions that I love to see pondered in sci-fi works. It was a good book, but not a great one. I think there is real potential for the sequel to be fantastic, and I look forward to picking it up.