I didn't finish it

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I did not read the whole book I stopped at a certain point, I could not get myself to stop thinking about the way they talked oh my gosh! Weird ways on how they all talked, I could not for the life of me finish this book. The story was not moving at a nice enough pace to keep the story moving.

The characters were not very interesting and they were kind of stiff and the main character was probably the only one who was okay not great, but she was okay, the love interest on the other hand was boring and annoying at most times and I didn't care for him at all. I mean I understand that this book is futuristic and is set like years and years in the future, but I don't think that people would be talking like that and it really urked me when any of them talked, it did have a good and interesting plot but it wasn't enough to keep me invested in the story at all.

Either way just to be clear I didn't finish this book and have no interest to pick it back up again.