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Fun and quick read

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I really enjoyed this book. In terms of story, I would probably rate it a 4, but my general enjoyment of the read bumped it up a bit. And add that cover...I decided to round up.

I should probably preface this review with the caveat that I'm not a huge reader of science fiction; I read books that catch my fancy but I haven't read enough that I'd catch references to classical sci-fi literature, etc.

I enjoyed the writing and flow of Lora Beth Johnson's narrative. I personally very much enjoyed the author's use of modified/evolved language, and the play with how words, phrases, and meaning all change or evolve over time. The integration of technology and mysticism is also perhaps a trope that I find entertaining and enjoyed those elements of the story, as well.

Overall, I found it to be a fun read with interesting characters, and I have high hopes for the sequel, in both story and character development.