Didn't love it

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I wanted to like this story based on how much I loved the cover!!

This story itself is interesting enough. even though not a lot happens, it's mainly a girl trying to adapt to a new world with some twist and turns along the way, I still enjoyed reading about technology and how an entire civilization has adapted to what they think is magic.

but the way this is written is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. the author's attempt to world-build via language is exhausting. the made-up lingo is not difficult to understand - it's basically English spelled in the most annoying way possible, so it feels really gimmicky. in my opinion, it doesn't flow well with the rest of the narrative, especially because shades POV uses the slang terms.

not sure if I liked this enough to read the sequel when it comes out, but I appreciate that this gave me a little sci-fi adventure.