Creative take on a possible future

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This story is a set in a future society where the main character wakes up from a cryogenic state in a desert to people believing she is a deity - which is a very different future than she was promised at the time she went to sleep. Through flashbacks we learned how she entered the cryogenic state and follow along with her as she pieces together what went wrong in the process to lead her to the seemingly dying city and society she's found herself in.

I loved the way language evolution was a central part of this storyline, with the main character maintaining an internal dialogue about how her standard English of today became the corrupted dialect/slang of the future world she wakes up in. As a language nerd, this really added a lot for me to an otherwise pretty straightforward apocalyptic future-society YA novel.

I've since started the second novel in the series and hope to see more character building with some of the periphery characters to whom we're introduced in this first part.

Overall, a creative concept with promise for a continued series. Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book.