Awfully Written

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I am not evens.

The language is horrible. I cannot get over how this book has been written. Never read anything like this and I never want to again. Whatever made the author do this it was a mistake. Story is hard to follow and there is a lot of deciphering the dialog instead of enjoying the story.

Andra has been asleep for a thousand years. She is awoken by Zhade who tells her she is the Godess they have all been looking for. He has a secret plan of course and Andra is at the center of it. As they return to meet Zhade's brother Maret who is known as the Guv, it becomes clear that something sinister is amiss.

The people of this world are suffering and they believe Andra will save them. Except she doesn't know how. She has no Godess magic, no special abilities and yet she still "fake it till you make it" to the end.

There were one good twists and the Sci fi aspect was interesting to read. However the choice of language and grammar ruined the whole book for me. I will not be reading the 2nd one