A must read sci-fi

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deeksha chauhan Avatar


Wow! the synopsis got me hooked. A girl who wakes up after 1000 years and hence considered as a goddess! The girl who was supposed to make history actually has to fix the present and the future as well. I loved the name of the protagonist as well--Andromeda. Isn't it all futuristic? The loneliness and aloofness in which she starts to live again has been depicted very poignantly. And how the author has described her waking in the opening paragraphs makes you want to take deep breaths. That is the power of good writing that you feel the things happening with the main character are actually happening with you, even though with less intensity. The language is lucid, simple and comprehensible. Although, a sci-fi, but the scientific facts are told in a way that anybody can understand it. Definitely a read worth your time and money. Recommended.