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Not a Fan...

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Not a fan.. I had no idea this was number 18 in a series of books. I also had no idea of the graphic content of sex and violence compared to the rest of the book. It's as if the author didn't find it important to describe anything except the sex and violence! The writing style just was not for me. I ended up not finishing the book.

Usually, judging by the synopsis I would have eaten this book up. I found myself not liking the writing style or writing. At first, I thought this might be a book I could read before reading all seventeen before hand, however, after half way through I didn't feel so. I needed more about the characters or maybe just more in general. I also know this was a CO written book, it definitely had a written by two people feel to it.

Maybe I'm becoming more picky in my reading to want to feel connected to my reading material. Or maybe books like this are dumbing down readers? I don't know. You read it and tell me.

I received this book free for an honest review.