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Courtney 1754

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The next in the Courtney family saga, this book is set starting in 1754 and tracks the early adult life of Theo and Connie Courtney. While Theo is only 14 and Connie all of 16, their world counts them near enough as adults to work as if they were, but still young enough to need guardians as far as their inheritance is concerned.
They start in India. England and France are engaged n the global struggle for empire. During a climatic battle in that war in India, Theo and Connie are separated. Theo goes to the colonies in North America and lives as an Native American for a year. Connie goes to France. She has to marry a French officer to get a place on the ship. When he proves false, she takes her good looks and exotic story to Paris, where she makes as good a life as she can. France and England heat up their global war, in the North American colonies. Theo manages to convert enough of the tribe he's been living with to the British side to make a difference.
Theo and Connie are reunited briefly. Connie decides to return to Paris to manage her latest dead hero husband estates. Theo takes his colonist wife westward. I'm sure we will read more about the Courtney in Europe and North America and wherever else the family has settled.
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