Another great Wilbur Smith book!

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So far I've read three of Wilbur Smith's books and I've loved all three of them! He writes very enjoyable and accurate Historical Fiction/Adventure books! This one takes place further in the last than the others I've read and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into another place and time. I really can't wait to finish this one! I'm interested to see where the adventure takes siblings Connie and Theo. I do have to note that I didn't like some of the descriptions of young Connie's body. I understand that the narrator/author was trying to bring her to life and prepare us for what's to come but I feel it could have been done a bit more subtly. Besides that it's more of Smith's great Historical writing and harrowing adventure and I can't wait for more. The cover is also the most beautiful of his I've seen yet! I love the blue and beautiful elephant that helps to set the scene.