Well written and intricately woven!

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4.5 stars

I found that this book was intriguing from the outset!

A disclaimer is that this book is very complex and quite political, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The magic system evolves naturally and Legrand manages to show us rather than tell us how the world is set up.

I was confused at first by the switching POVs but I think it added a lot to the story.

This story is set up so intricately and follows two unlikeable characters. I love how selfish and self absorbed both Rielle and Eliana are. Both using whatever they can to get their way. I personally love watching these kinds of characters evolve. They are more realistic than the typical chosen one or reluctant hero. I love to see female MCs that are just not good people. They aren’t necessarily innately bad, just not what one would call good.

I also love that there is LGBTQ+ representation and BIPOC representation in this book- and that both LGBTQ+ and BIPOC characters aren’t treated as a plot device to prove the authors wokeness. While I do feel like this is flushed out more in later books, it was a good start for me.