Seems Amazing

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A few people have recommended me this and I DEFINITELY see why. I love the writing style and I will definitely be looking forward to this story. I devoured this preview/excerpt!!!!!!!!’

Along with reading the preview, I’ve looked at this book on Goodreads and I’m very excited to see Queen Rielle and Eliana’s stories and how they connect.

I’m crossing my fingers that I win!!!! I hope this author knows how great she is and how great her writing is!!!!!!! I will also definitely be sharing this book with my other book nerd friends. I bet that we will all read these books together and obsess over them.

This will be a book that I am emotionally invested in until I get a copy. I will be counting down the days until the winners are announced.

The characters and plot seem amazing and I really hope to win! Even if I don’t, I will definitely be reading this book.🖤🖤🖤