Refreshing and dynamic fantasy series

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This series definitely caught me off guard. I don't usually like multiple points of view and with the time jumps between the two main characters, Rielle and Eliana, it takes a few chapters to get used to the pace and style of writing. I found that I really enjoyed the back and forth. You're fully invested with both and right when something crazy or revealing happens with one character, you're immediately jumped to the other. You might find there is a deeper connection and the past and future are more interwoven than you might have believed. You have two very women each brought up differently and both facing similar fates. Legrand poises the most interesting question of whether people are destined for certain fates or do you have some control over your destiny? Maybe some people born to be good or bad or maybe we're all just a mix of both. Either way after the ending of this one I was ready to continue and be woven into Rielle's and Eliana's stories.