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In the beginning I was a little confused by the different perspectives, but once I got my characters straight and the time periods of each it got really interesting. I had no idea what journey this book would lead me on. I love each of the main characters for different reasons and the story telling that happened throughout.

Both Eliana and Rielle are badass women. Rielle must go through trials to determine whether she is the Queen of Light or Queen of Blood. I was on the edge reading about all the trials she had to go through. There were moments when i was questioning whether she would make it through because oh my gosh those trials were insane. Eliana on the other hand is a bounty hunter who has the trust the last person she wants to in order to find her mother. Is she making a mistake or will this person lead her to the truth?

This is probably one of my favorite fantasy novels i've read this year. This book is not everyone's cup of tea, but i highly recommend giving it a chance.