One of my fav series

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This is a strong contender for one of the best fantasy series for me. Focusing on two different timelines, a mother and daughter's lives affect each other with centuries between them. Add in a few dangerous yet handsome boys, a kindhearted prince, and some powers, there is havoc in each girl's lives.

Legrand's writing is brutally beautiful. Her descriptions are mesmerizing and her talent knows no bounds. The story enchanted me in every way. The storyline was intense and strong. I loved all of the characters in this book--evil and good. The switching timelines messed me up a bit especially if I was caught up in what was happening in another timeline, but I understood the need for it. I am very partial to Eliana's timeline and life. Her feisty spirit and love for her brother was amazing to read. Rielle as a character was selfish and with someone whispering in her ear (a fabulous morally grey, albeit more evil than good, character that I loved), she ended up making a lot of poor choices, which was infuriating at times. However, without those choices, we wouldn't have this book, so I am forever thankful for them!

Overall, if you want a tale of magic and hope and heartbreak and morally grey, this is it.