OMG loved this book!!!

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I’ve actually bought this book and are nearly done with it. It has been amazing. I was a little confused with the switching timelines at first but was able to get a hang of it before too long. The story of two queens who will go on to change their whole world. One for the worse and one for the better. The Blood Queen and the Sun Queen. There are tons of great plot twists that are rarely expected. Action packed with fight scenes and epic betrayals. The character have good depth and emotions. At one point there seemed to be a completely unbiased random betrayal just to add something to the story line. But that was insignificant beside the amazing plot line that I’ve never seen before. With the stories of two women over the span of centuries destined to save or ruin their country. The author handled the double storyline well and did her best to minimize confusion but it did take some getting used too. Would give 5 stars and always recommend! Was a amazing read!