Not my favorite fantasy but still good

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Like I said in the title I liked this book enough to give it three stars, but it could’ve done better. I found that this book had so much potential and some of this book was executed wonderfully and I loved it. While other parts just left me bored and underwhelmed. It’s still a good fantasy book don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know if it was the authors writing style or what but I just couldn’t get super sucked in to it. I found that most of the characters I didn’t really care for and just left me tired. Now the third book in this series was absolutely amazing! I adore it! So if you’re willing to commit to a series I would say go for it with this book! Now criticism aside, the world building in this book was sooo good! I could vividly picture places she was talking about and that was really cool. I also found that the multiple povs kept me more interested in the book than if it didn’t have those