Loved It!!

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I read this book so long ago, but I remember loving absolutely everything about it! The premise of this book is honestly unlike any other fantasy novel I have previously read and probably will ever read in the future. I adored the main characters so much - their characterizations and personalities is what we need more of in fantasy. I love strong and infuriating female characters, and Legrand does not disappoint! In addition to the amazing leads, the plot was intriguing and gripping, and I would reread this just to experience the book for the genius that it is. The romance was a bit off, but I didn't mind because it was a great experience overall, and I know it will get better and more developed as I read the other books in the series. I know this book isn't many people's cup of tea, but it is mine! I appreciate the feminist conversations it opens up and how different this book is. I can't wait to continue :)