Intense book but didn't really connect with it

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Furyborn is a YA fantasy with two fierce female heroines in eras that are centuries apart. Both Rielle and Eliana are powerful women with headstrong personalities and a confidence that I greatly admired. Their romances felt more secondary, and the plot mainly focused on Rielle's trials to become the next Sun Queen and Eliana trying to get her mother back. While the plot was compelling, the jumping back between the two perspectives made it kind of confusing and difficult for me to read since they take place in different eras apart from each other. I struggled to gain an understanding of the overall plot and didn't really form an attachment to the characters despite being appealed by their intense personas off the bat. This novel was very action packed which prevented the story from having complex characterization and building great relationships. Despite all this, one thing I did like was the parallels between Rielle and Eliana's experiences and it was interesting to see how it all blended a thousand years later.

The writing style was very fast paced and intense, making it difficult to grasp a solid understanding of the characters and and plot. The book jumped between two different perspectives which prevented me from connecting with either character, however the parallels between the characters' stories was cleverly written.