I love this book so much!

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Beautifully written! I could not put this book down! Humans and Angels have been at war and The Gate has been used to keep the Angels from the human world. With it being unstable, the prophecy of the Blood Queen and Sun Queen seem to take fruition. Rielle has been put through trials because she's deemed as dangerous for being able to use multiple elements when people can only control one. The trials were to test if she can control her abilities and see if she's the Blood Queen or the Sun Queen. Over a 1000 years later, Eliana is an assassin to make sure her family are taken care of. She is unique and is able to quickly heal. She's a trained fighter and is a survivor. The book switches between Rielle and Eliana. While their stories are 1000 years apart, it slowly unfolds and you find out how they are linked. I'm looking forward to the sequel. The world building is intricate and unique. The character development is complex and I can connect with the characters. Highly recommend!