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I enjoyed it

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Ok so one thing to say is this book definitely keeps you turning pages! I really enjoyed Reilles point of view and her world. It's sad to know how it ends up from reading the Prologue but it is interesting to see exactly how she gets to that point. Elliana on the other hand is just awful. She's so unlikeable as a main character and constantly seems to get herself into situations that seem unlikely when you carry around a title such as "The Dread". I do wish there had been some explanation for her powers and a little more backstory on the angels. Like where did they originally come from? Why were they all locked up if some are good and some are bad? Why hadn't anyone realized the gate was breaking down? What's so awful about the marques they were being hunted? Hopefully all these questions will be explained in the next book and we'll be get more explanation to everything that's going on in Ellianas world.