I could not finish this book

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I won't lie, I stopped at page 267 because this book left me feeling empty and unsatisfied. From what I can tell - and since I haven't finished the book this might not be true - but Rielle is the mother of Eliana. I theorized that within the first thirty pages and 230 pages later it just seems more and more likely. It also seems very likely that Corien is the Undying Emporer / or some angel is. If all of this is true, then I wasted a lot of time reading a book just to be right 30 pages in. The writing was gorgeous, and that is the only reason I continued reading as long as I did. I wanted this book to wow me, but all I get when I read is that it is dragging on with an unclear plot.

Since I stopped reading a little over halfway through, I shouldn't really be confused on where the plot is going. I mean, yes there is the plot that Rielle is going through the trials to become the Sun Queen - and it would be a very interesting plot on its own. But that would only be if we didn't know what was going to happen. The reader knows that instead of becoming the Sun Queen, Rielle becomes the Blood Queen and battles Audric and kills him. Any tension in her plot disappears because the reader knows how it will end. However, the plot with Eliana is the more aggravating half of the story. I truly don't know where she is going and what she is supposed to do, but since she is the other point of focus in this novel I assume she's going to be the Sun Queen since Rielle was so sure she'd be the Sun Queen but ends up going "bad" and Eliana starts out "bad" and will end up becoming "good".

That last part might not make too much sense, and I apologize for it, but it is only because this book has left me thoroughly disappointed and I don't know how else to put it.

When I bought this book, the cashier at the bookstore told me that so many of the other employees loved the book. I was so excited, but now I'm just super let down. Maybe, if I have the time I'll return to the book and try to finish it later on, but I doubt it.