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Complicated Feelings

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How do I describe my feelings for this book?

It was rough. The world building felt at times too fast and hard to keep up with and then other times, too slow and not fleshed out enough. The plot was disjointed, as a result of switching between the two drastically spaced POVs and therefore, didn't keep me turning the pages. By design, there was a tournament style set up during one of the POVs and this is always one of my least favorite things in books (I didn't realize one of the POVs would focus on it when I read the synopsis) and so those chapters were hard to get through for me, though I know some people LOVE this trope. I felt like the entire book, I was wanting something that the book wasn't delivering, at least until I got to the last 30%. Suddenly, the book picked up and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough and the ending I only sort of saw coming. I ended the book still not sure if I'll pick up the second one in the series or not. Maybe I'll see if my library has it.

Disclaimer: I was provided an e-arc of this book from Netgalley. However all opinions are my own.