What a beautiful story!

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What a great memoir about parents raising a boy with nonverbal autism. The book was so easy to read; Kate's descriptions just pulled me right in to their story & lives. Cooper was easy to get wrapped up in. There were so many things to experience with them; hopes & disappointments, treasured memories & exhaustion, all while they navigated the complex systems of healthcare, public school, special education, & Medicaid. I particularly appreciated her take on toxic positivity, something she experienced from well-meaning people around them, both loved ones & strangers. My favorite description was, "As Cooper does every single morning, he wakes me by touching my cheek. When my eyes open, he waves. He gasps & smiles like he hasn't seen me for ages. That's one of my favorite things about him. Every time he sees me after a period of being apart, whether it's thirty minutes or a day, he gasps. It's the best."