Sweet and honest

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This book is the story of a mother’s journey to acceptance, hope, and connection with her nonverbal autistic son. It takes you through her emotional journey and growth as she adapts to having an autistic son and learns to understand him better and communicate with him. She honestly recounts how her early fears and her initial struggle to leg go of an alter her expectations. Eventually, you get to see how she and the rest of the family adapted and build a happy family life, just one that looked different that they expected. It has a hopeful message about not expecting the worse case scenario to come from an autism diagnosis. The author takes you through all their struggles and break-throughs and how she connected with her son in a way she once feared she would not figure out how to do. This sweet and hopeful gives you a peak at how rewarding it can be to have an autistic child in your life and how there is always hope for a happy life for families that include an autistic family member.