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This book is an incredible tribute to one child, and his patient and ever loving mother. Kate's son, Cooper, has Autism. And not just mild Autism, but severe, non-verbal Autism that really is debilitating to both Cooper and his whole family. Cooper is loving and happy (at times) but has so much trouble communicating and making his wants and needs known, he experiences horrible behavior problems in response to this.

Kate attempted, for years, to gain a formal diagnosis, but it was (for some reason) elusive. She was told many things, by many professionals, and navigating the world of Special Education was very difficult to her.

Not only was this book a beautiful tribute to Cooper, but it was a fabulous testament to the love of a mother, and the dedication that a mother has for her child. A mother's love knows no bounds, and this was especially evident in this book.

Absolute necessary read for any educator, parent of a child with Autism, or really anyone who wants to know more about the joys and heartbreaks of raising a child with special needs.