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The title of this book says it all… it is a memoir by Kate Swenson, mother and fierce advocate for her non-verbal child with Autism. Cooper, who was Kate’s first born son, is pretty severe, as far as Autism goes. He has a lot of behaviors associated with Autism, and was non-verbal until the last few years (at least until he was 7 or so.) Kate documents her struggles with his behaviors, getting an accurate diagnosis, and coming to terms with not having the life that she envisioned when she was pregnant with Cooper.

This book rips at your heart strings, and although the author wants us to "find joy" and share the joy that she found with having a child with Autism, it is difficult not to focus on all the heartache. She and her son (her whole family, really) go through more than what a single family should have to endure, and it is difficult to read, at times.

Generally, though, this was a really good book that I am glad I had the opportunity to read!