Poignant and Emotion-Stirring Story of a Dedicated Mother

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This is a poignant look at a mother’s love for her special needs child who has non-verbal autism. The author was very honest in portraying the challenges that she faced, including problems with going out in public or to any crowded space. Her descriptions of Cooper’s meltdowns were vivid and heart-tugging. With a sincere desire to tell others about her journey down this difficult road, the author wrote without holding back any punches. She was honest about her marital difficulties and her trouble relating to other parents who did not understand that her greatest desire was to see Cooper be all that he could be. Beginning with a normal pregnancy and describing the birth of little Cooper, Kate Swenson gives detailed insight into her path into the unknown. After all, no one expects to have a special needs child and her innate desire to be a mother with a child who could relate to other children was understandable as well as heartbreaking. Ms. Swenson describes her journey from denial to acceptance in a way that was realistic and forthright, compelling me to think about the repercussions that come in waves once a child is diagnosed with ASD. As the grandparent of a non-verbal autistic granddaughter, I could relate to many scenes that she was describing, most notably the ones in which Cooper was frustrated and withdrew into the world of his screen. This was a book that was hard to read at times because of my own experiences, but it is also a story that needs to be told and shared so that other parents of these very lovable children can feel the hope that comes from its pages. There were a lot of “aha” moments as I read and discovered new methods of dealing with ASD by the trial and error that the author and Cooper had to endure. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the perspective of the author in her dedicated quest on Cooper’s behalf. Teachers, parents and even siblings of children diagnosed with ASD should read this book and take to heart the lessons that the author learned. There is hope after the diagnosis, not for normal, but for a new normal and all kinds of love that come from the heart of a special needs child.
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