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Given how closely relatable I am to Kate’s story, I found this to be very difficult to rate and review. Kate’s blog ‘Finding Coopers Voice’, and now her memoir Forever Boy is in response to her being a mother to an autistic son. When my now ten year old was two I discovered her blog and found it helpful to know that I wasn’t alone.

Her memoir describes her emotions and feelings on the diagnosis process to the disappointment and huge levity that was placed on her discovering her child would have special needs.
She turned those frustrations and frights into being a strong supportive mother who wouldn’t change a thing about her son.

Personal Thoughts:
I’m very proud Kate has found peace, joy and hope for her son. Most families have no idea what it’s like to raise a child of special needs; however, it’s like anything else. You will happily look at someone else trainwreck and not even try to find any understanding or empathy.
This was where I felt Kate’s memoir lacked. You can remove the Autism and replace it with anything else and it would be the same. Every mother who doesn’t go the distance for their children should be ashamed of themselves.
Plus, can someone show me “severe autism” in the DSM so we can ALL fully comprehend the difference of diagnosing someone with “SEVERE AUTISM” compared to “NONSEVRRE Autism”?? That’s right…It DOES NOT Exist!! Also, we are in 2022, its about time even Mom’s with Autistic children…STOP saying “My child with Autism”!

What do you call a child diagnosed with Diabetes? Most say they are diabetic, otherwise, it is sooo demeaning to that individual being put a label saying I’m one with. . .

NOTE; I’m speaking to those who read this book, hoping to get a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Please, the best place to find these answers is thru the #ActuallyAutistic community. We are the ones who have been born Autistic and provide you with the knowledge everyone needs. Even parents of Autistic kids.