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I appreciate a parent with a child with severe autism speaking up about the experiences and it could be useful to other parents dealing with similar issues. Overall I found this didn’t work for me as a memoir and I wonder if a stronger editor could have helped. The memoir was generally focused on the author’s oldest son birth and his journey to getting diagnosed with autism and managing his behavioral issues. The first half was fairly well organized but the second half was non-linear and unfocused. The whole memoir felt contradictory at times (for instance we knew the second he was born that he was different but also it took years to get and believe in a diagnosis). I also think the author lowered her expectations fo the knowledge that her readers would have and spent too much time explaining and re-explaining basic parts of autism. At this time most people have had some experience and have some knowledge and regardless the repetition was hard for me. The writing style wasn’t bad and with some better editing and focus I think this could have been a better book. I gave it 2.5 stars rounded down for star selection.