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While I do read memoirs, this one had not applied for admittance to my reading list until last week. The whys and hows aren't really important. The book is very well written. It is more like a conversation than a mere explanation of what her life has been like the past decade.
Kate is an everyday woman. She married the love of her life, divorced him and then remarried him. She has three boys: Cooper, Sawyer and Harbor. She writes a blog and manages a Facebook page. It's all very ordinary, except she is the mother of a boy with severe nonverbal autism.
Her firstborn son, Cooper, was finally diagnosed when he was 4, but Kate knew there was something very wrong with him long before that. He started missing developmental milestones. He didn't sleep as much as a new born or baby or toddler usually did. His crying frequently became screaming fits. At first, she was told he was deaf. She knew that wasn't right, because he responded to sound and voices when he wasn't crying himself. It took her most of his first four years to finally have him tested for autism.
I don't have anyone in my immediate family that qualifies as special needs, so the struggles Kate described are foreign to me. One of the reasons I like to read so much is because I can see worlds and lives and struggles that I will never know otherwise. Kate was very effective in showing how Cooper's autism effected the entire family. She showed both her successes and her embarrassments. I think this is a good book to add to your consciousness raising reading list.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from BookistFirst.