It was so inspiring!

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This was lifetime of the most inspiring books I have ever read. It’s honestly astonishing to me how strong Kate and her family is. This book kind of hits close to home since my older is pretty sure she has Asperger’s, and she’s just now realizing how it’s affected her life and her relationships. It’s also taught me to have more compassion towards any person with disabilities, even if they look completely fine. It was so inspiring to read about how Cooper was able to get past a lot of difficulties and even start speaking a little bit. This book was so easy to read because I wanted to know more about Kate and her journey with Cooper. There were many times in the book I almost cried cause I could feel her pain even though I’m not even a mother myself. I also wanted to cry many times for Cooper and how unjust this world is for people with severe autism. Overall I think this book did a fantastic job spreading awareness about autism and disabilities in general. I personally think everyone should read it.