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This memoir written by Kate Swenson was based off her blog I think and while it is well written, it is a bit disjointed at times, probably because lots of short entries from her blog were combined to try and make a cohesive longer story that became this book. That threw me just a bit, though I did learn much about autism and how it affects the families when there is a kid born on the spectrum. All the highs and lows and hard times and joys too. I do know someone on the spectrum and I love her to pieces. She is not nonverbal but she does have her quirks that are not so easy to understand sometimes.

This book brought a little insight into this world and I am glad I got to read it. Though there is such a thing as sharing too much information and I believe the private letter of Sawyer's should not have been published for everyone to read. There is a bunch of good info in this book though.