Honest Look Into Raising A Child

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Kate Swenson gave an honest look into raising children, though she focused mostly on her son Cooper. Kate fought for years to get her son diagnosed on the autism spectrum, fighting the schools, medical professionals and even her own husband. Facing criticism and judgment head on, Kate sought for equality in a world with the odds stacked against her son. I do wish Kate had spent more time on discussions and dealings that she had with her second son, as the advice and reassurance she gave was important. It would have also been nice to hear Cooper's father's perspective on his own struggles with coming to terms with everything. The demise of the marriage, and reissuance of it, was discussed broadly, but the absence of his perspective was felt.

Refreshingly honest about her own failings, especially when it came to her putting aside mothering her other children. Motherhood can be challenging for everyone, whether you have a child on the spectrum or not. Forever Boy can help anyone who is struggling, to gain perspective from the other side.