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The Forever Boy is a book about how first time mother Kate Swenson gives birth to her little boy, Cooper, who we learn later has autism. Her story of how she survives each day is so hopeful but heartbreaking. She doesn't hold back the reality of being a parent to a child with disabilities or autism, the uphill battles day in and day out. Her voice is strong, powerful, and advocating to speak out for those who have no voice. It was such an eye opening account of parents of children who are struggling to survive each day, hiding behind closed doors, trying their best to keep their kids safe and creating environments where their kids can thrive. I have such an appreciation for those parents and caregivers whose hearts are so patient and so positive with their kids when everything about being a parent is so hard. I think she is so brave to write her story and show it to the world. The tears, the pain, the inner most thoughts, and her voice is so powerful and such an advocate to those who feel like they are all alone. Great read!