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Forever Boy is the heartwarming story of a family's journey with their autistic son, told by the mother, Kate Swenson. Kate has run a blog about her son, Finding Cooper's Coice for many years and it has gained attention worldwide for heing relatable and down-to-earth ahout the ups and downs of raising a chold on the autism spectrum. Too often, neurotypical people take for granted the milestones and larenting techniques they have, that do not work for neurodivergent children, like those om the autism spectrum like Cooper. Kate tells a heart-wrenchingly open and honest story of her family's journey, and the hurdles they have faced since her son's diagnosis. But it isn't all setious, there are many happy and light-hearted moments of her family's life that Kate also shares in this book. I would recommend this for anyone looking to learn more about children with autism.