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The author, Kate Swenson, is the mother of 3 boys. She also writes blogs about parenting a child with autism. This book in particular is best suited for parents or students who aren’t familiar with autism. Her writing and description of her son, Cooper, is not technical, but she enjoys defining terms that some people may be less familiar with. Most of the book is written anecdotally from her perspective as the mother of a boy with fairy severe autism. Honestly, the editing could be stronger. I found several instances in which she contradicts herself. For example, she mentions early on in the story that she ‘knew’ Cooper was different since birth, but then, throughout the rest of the book, laments about wishing he’d been diagnosed earlier, or not knowing his ‘flapping’ was a sign of autism. She regularly repeats things she has already discussed earlier in the book. It’s probably written for parents of newly diagnosed children…or parents who are awaiting diagnoses