Eye Opening

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As a special education teacher I work every day with students and their families that have a wide range of strengths and challenges. Even though I work with these individuals daily, I am not the parent of a student with a disability. Sure, I went to school and received training on different challenges that students may face and strategies for how to minimize those areas of weakness, but that does not mean that I truly understand what it is like for students and their families. I feel as though I do a good job of highlighting that we all, disability label or otherwise, have challenges. Having areas that we all need to work on makes us more alike than people realize. This book was eye opening to me as a service provider to students and families with disabilities. I will take the lessons and information shared in this book to heart when I am working with students and families. I think this book would be a great resource for families to realize that they are not alone. Thank you very much for so beautifully illustrating and sharing something so vulnerable and personal. This will impact so many lives.