Everyone should read this book!

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This book is an amazing, truly amazing true life account of a woman raising a severely autistic son and the trials and tribulations she and her family go through. I am amazed at the parallels to my own life. I learned things about myself reading Kate’s book. I had so many ‘Aha’ moments. As a parent of children and grandchildren on the spectrum and a para-educator in a moderate unit with students like Cooper, I felt closer to our parents than ever while reading this book. I want to gift it to my student’s parents, my Administrators and my co-workers. Good grief! This book would wake up the half of the world that doesn’t understand what these kids and their parents go through. The challenges they face and the feelings that they have. It’s a truly delightful yet honest look into the life of one family. Kate is possibly the strongest advocate for her child and Autism that I have ever encountered. She and Jamie’s love story is inspiring. Buy this book! Follow her blog on FB, Finding Cooper’s Voice. She will inspire you to do better and to be better!