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Such a heart warming read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and hearing about all the adversities this mom had to go through to learn how to better her sons world. It made me sad at times but also happy. This made me feel more for my mom who had to go through this with my own brother. I could feel all gear worries and just everything. I am so glad I was picked to get an arc copy of this it has forever changed my aspects on life and just a genuinely great read. I was immediately drawn into this moms story when I read the sneak peak and I was enraptured by the story going forward! I can’t wait til others reading this awe inspiring story of a mother’s love for her child. She opens herself up to the readers and it’s just so beautiful and brave. So thankful she wrote this book and that I got to read it. Makes me appreciate my mom and her strength and how she cared for my brother.