Deep and Personal.....

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I have a personal reason why I was excited to read this book. My son has autism. Diagnosed late in life, and still navigating and learning all the information about this disorder, books have been invaluable to us as a family. There is a difference. My son is a teenager and he is considered "high functioning" because he can speak and do things on his own somewhat. Still, I found such relatability to this book because I was able to get a view of what another parent felt like and witnessed and experienced as I look back on those early years myself. Author Kate Swensen put a voice to so many of us and what we dealt with and are dealing with, what we want for our children, and what we hope the world understands.

Beautifully written, emotional, and impactful. My hope is that even people that don't live in the same situations to read this book. My hope is that people that don't know, don't understand, and want to understand read this book. And for those people that have children with autism or that are people with autism, it serves as a relatable tool, a beautiful story, a confirmation that you are not alone in the challenges and learning process to this disorder.

Great read. Highly recommend.