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AMAZING. This book captured what it is like living with a child on the spectrum perfectly. My son is on the spectrum. He is verbal and HF but he has so many of the same qualities as Cooper. We went through a stage where he would hit me multiple times a day. People who don't live it just don't understand what it can be like. Kate did such a fantastic job sharing Cooper's and her family's story. She shared the raw emotion that a family with Special Needs experiences and gave incredible incite as to how people with Neurotypical kids can help and be supportive to those of us with kids on the spectrum or with any other hidden disability. There have been so many times I have tried to explain to my family and friends the challenges we go through at home and they will say things like, " just get a sitter," or "Just take away his iPad." But for us, it's not that easy. I hope people will read this book and learn and become more aware. Thank you for sharing your story. #findingcoopersvoice