Not Meant for Me

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While the subject of this book seemed appealing from the synopsis, after reading the prologue and a little ways into the first chapter, I am certain this book is not for me. The author and I simply have far too different life contexts for this to be relatable for me. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the author's assumption that her children would be "perfect" (aka: without disability) because she was naive, I just cannot relate to that view. The author mentions that she and her husband did not have anyone with special needs on either side of their family and in fact did not even know anyone with special needs. I was raised with a slightly younger cousin with high-functioning Autism. Simply from that difference, I think this author and I have completely different views on the possibility of special needs children being born to us. While I know this book is good intentioned and written for others struggling from similar life perspectives as the author, there were already too many things that made me cringe while reading what little I did. This book is just not meant for me and that's okay.