Heart-Wrenching Look at Parenting a Special Needs Child

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My first impression is being written with tears in my eyes because the author has already evoked so much emotion in me just from describing her first experience with losing a baby and then having one with special needs. My thought is that she must have a lot of love to give in order to be so accepting of this unexpected development in her life. The description of life before Cooper’s arrival is told from the heart. Plans for a perfect future with a perfect home and family were waiting for them. But sometimes when we make plans, they just don’t happen that way. I enjoyed the honesty of the author and her taking into consideration that others may not have the same experience that she had. The book is written as if the author is talking to her audience and sympathizing with those who find themselves in similar situations. As the grandmother of an autistic, non-verbal granddaughter, I couldn’t wait for this book to be available to read the first view. I’m not hoping to get answers from reading it, but I do hope to get more understanding and feeling like I belong to a group of people seeking answers that just aren’t there for us. I am looking forward to reading this memoir and feel encouraged already after just the first view.