You're not ready for this

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This book was absoutely AMAZING!!! This is the only time that I'm happy my "judge a book by its gorgeous cover" mood kicked it.

We follow our MC, Daunis, who is a strong, loving, relatable character that's also a badass in hockey. From what we know, she should have gone into it professionally but are left out of the reason why she could not.

Basically, a LOT is held back from the reader, in my opinion, that the author hints or briefly mentions. This alone had me wanting to continue reading for when she goes into detail.

One of my favorite aspects from Firekeeper's Daughter was the community feeling like an extensive family. It seems like EVERY book that has this automatically draws me in. It felt surreal and my heart was overwhelmed.

Though, it was truly deceiving. And Boulley kept tearing my heart apart! I was not ready for this and now glancing at its gorgeous cover reveals symbolism from certain aspects in the book. The butterfly design ALONE remind me of the internal wars that Daunis went through along with a heartbreaking and everlasting memory.